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Basic skin care is more important than it sounds

skin careAlong with providing treatments and procedures that can help improve the appearance of damaged and aging skin, we also like to educate and remind our patients about the importance of basic, good skin care — every day. It truly is easier to prevent skin damage than to repair it, and surgical and non-surgical treatments alike can have better, longer lasting results if you do your part. It can start with separating fact from fiction about some typical skin care issues.

Treat your skin gently at home by not drying or irritating it – TRUE
Fragrances and dyes in soaps, laundry detergents and fabric softeners can all irritate your skin, especially if you live in a winter climate that is cold and dry outside and hot and dry inside. In addition, washcloths, loofah sponges and anything that abrades the skin can cause dryness and irritation.

Everyone should slather on the moisturizer — FALSE
People with oily complexions shouldn’t use harsh products that dry out the skin, as this only causes additional oil production. But those with oily skin don’t need to use moisturizers. Plus it makes no sense to use products that help you manage oil, such as toners, and then apply moisturizer – skip it.

Vitamin E is good for improving the appearance of scars — FALSE
Applying vitamin E to scars can actually worsen their appearance.

All unprotected sun exposure causes some skin damage – TRUE
Sun exposure and especially sunburns prematurely age the skin, and both are risk factors for skin cancer, including malignant melanoma. Sun should be avoided during peak (10 a.m. and 4 p.m.), and sunblock should be used every day and reapplied often. In addition:

  • New or changing lesion and moles should be examined by a doctor
  • Examine your skin monthly, from head to toe
  • Fair skinned people and those light-colored eyes and hair are more susceptible to sun damage and skin cancer
  • Sun causes 80% of all skin aging changes (wrinkles, brown spots, uneven tone, loss of elasticity, etc.)

We can help you treat your skin right — TRUE
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