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Fight the signs of aging with anti-aging techniques

skin careYou may not remember when you first noticed you had begun to age. You might not know where or when you noticed your first serious wrinkle. One day you just realize that aging is happening. But these days, there are many amazing ways to tackle the inevitable signs of aging.

And if you understand just how your face changes and progresses over time, you can be more prepared to choose the right procedures at the right time.

Simply put, your skin is like fabric

Your skin is likely to reveal its first signs of aging through discoloration, much like the fabric of your favorite sweater. Then the fluffiness of the fabric begins to flatten. Finally, it may loose its shape altogether.

Discoloration can be treated with lasers; your cheeks can regain their plump, youthful qualities with fillers; and the underlying bone loss that contributes to an aging face can be treated with various plastic surgery procedures.

You don’t see many changes until they become advanced

By early adulthood, maximum bone density has been achieved, but by the early 30s, it begins to decline. Four areas of the face undergo changes that produce the major signs of aging:

  1. The eye socket widens, producing a sunken, tired appearance with more prominent fat pads
  2. The middle area of the face recedes and offers less support to the facial structure
  3. The nose lengthens and the tip drops
  4. The jawline retracts, producing a weighing down of the corners of your lips, jowls and a saggy neck

The answer can be maintenance

Now we will switch to a car analogy. Your skin needs regular maintenance performed by a skilled expert using the right tools. You are responsible for some of the most important daily maintenance, which includes:

  • Gentle cleansing
  • Daily use of the right sunscreen
  • Use of retinol or retinoids

We can help you with the next level of skin care, including:

  • Botox
  • Fillers
  • Laser treatments
  • Chemical peels
  • Surgical procedures

Our faces inevitably age, but there’s a lot we can do to fight the signs

Start by visiting our office for an anti-aging consultation appointment. Call today: 212.308.4600 or 516.587.0456.




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