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Freeze it. Suck it. Save it. Use it. Here’s how you can enjoy your unwanted fat

fat freezingThese days there’s more than one way to reduce and even eliminate stubborn, unwanted areas of fat. Then that same fat can be put back, but in places where it can improve your appearance.

Liposuction removes fat surgically

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), liposuction is the second most popular surgical procedure after breast augmentation. Liposuction is not a weight loss method, but most patients experience a noticeable size change in the treated area.

Non-invasive methods can also destroy fat cells

Requiring no incisions, needles or anesthesia, plus posing a lower risk, non-surgical methods of fat reduction are growing in popularity.

In 2010, the US Food and Drug Administration approved “cool sculpting,” a fat treatment that involves placing a fatty part of the body, such as love handles, into a device that cools the fat to just above freezing to destroy them in about an hour. Fat cells are sensitive to the cold temperature, and about one-quarter of the treated fat will disappear. Other skin cells aren’t harmed in the process.

Fat freezing is reported by patients to be:

  • Quick
  • Painless

And it requires no recovery period. You may experience some initial swelling at the treatment sight, but you can return to your normal activities immediately after the procedure. Results should become apparent in about two to three weeks.

ISAPS reports that plastic surgeons performed 9.6 million surgical procedures worldwide in 2015, compared with over 12 million non-surgical. Overall, the trend is moving toward non-invasive procedures for fat removal as well, but there’s one benefit the only liposuction can provide:

Remove your unwanted fat and put it somewhere you need it

Fat removed from your body during a liposuction procedure can be used in other areas, much like synthetic fillers, only better. Your fat that is removed from your abdomen or inner things, for example, can be used to fill:

  • Face
  • Breasts
  • Buttocks

Improved technology has made this procedure more in demand than ever. Fat is natural and now, it’s also long lasting.

Discover what can be done about (and with) your unwanted fat

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