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Liquid nose jobs are possible

Non-surgical or “liquid” procedures are exploding in popularity, and that includes in the traditionally surgical area of rhinoplasty (nose jobs). By most accountings, in fact, liquid rhinoplasty was in the top 10-20% of most mentioned and discussed minimally invasive topics on plastic surgery websites.

As with increasing popularity of any fairly new procedure, there is accompanying discussion on the effectiveness of liquid nose jobs. So it’s important for patients to understand that the procedure isn’t for everyone. But it’s definitely worth considering.

The basics
A liquid procedure uses small needles to inject filler and/or Botox into the areas of the nose being corrected.

Are you the right person for this procedure?
rhinoplasty Liquid rhinoplasty is designed to:
• Even-out irregularities along the bridge of the nose
• Make the nose appear straighter
• Raise the bridge of the nose
• Camouflage a bump

Liquid rhinoplasty is probably not the right option for issues related to the tip of the nose. Dermal fillers add volume, but the result is a nose that appears smaller, more refined and more balanced. This procedure can also be used to smooth out some things not corrected completely with surgical rhinoplasty.

Is this the right procedure for you?
Not all nose issues can be addressed with non-surgical liquid rhinoplasty. But some people can achieve the results they desire, and skip the pain and recovery time that can be part of surgery. For most patients, liquid nose jobs require little to no downtime. Results can be seen instantly, and for some, are quite dramatic. Another “pro” is that the filler usually used for this procedure is reversible. So if you’re not happy with your results, the filler can be dissolved.

One drawback
The procedure isn’t permanent, and depending on you and the filler used, the results usually last one to two years. And it’s important to remember that while injections can be effective and amazing when done properly and subtly, they can only achieve specific types of outcomes. And like surgical rhinoplasty, the procedure comes with some risks.

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