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Men are manning-up for plastic surgery procedures

When a man first takes that deep breath and gets up the courage to enter the world of cosmetic plastic surgery, he’s not just contributing to the latest big trend. He’s going to find out that there’s a wide range of enhancement options that can help him improve his appearance – more amazing procedures than he even knew existed.

Subtle and easy and not for men only

After years of working with women of all ages, plastic surgeons everywhere are reporting that their fastest growing group of patients is men. And what men are usually most surprised to learn is that they can achieve results that aren’t obvious.

Women already know this
Most moms aren’t seeking out plastic surgery to get back into their string bikinis. They want to look better in their jeans, t-shirts and and gym clothes – and in their selfies! Men basically want the same things, and plastic surgery can help them achieve their appearance goals, too.

Go minimalistic

male plastic surgeryBotox and fillers can provide amazing improvements with minimal to no downtime. Men can gently relax those lines that have become too deep on the forehead and between the brows without looking frozen or weird.

A way to remove what you can’t

Liposuction is a popular procedure with women because it allows them to contour parts of their bodies that diet and exercise can’t touch. Men can use lipo the same way, to contour their chests, bellies and waistlines.

Men can need breast surgery

Men don’t like their own breasts. Aging, weight gain and hormone changes can cause men to store fat in their chest area that can make them feel unattractive and self-conscious. Liposuction can remove unwanted fat, eliminating the “man boob” forever.

More men are doing it than other men realize

There’s a lot more to plastic surgery than what it can do to make women look and feel better. Some men already know this, and they’re taking advantage of procedures that can subtly and remarkably improve their appearance. There’s just no reason to miss out. Call for your consultation appointment today:
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