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Plastic surgery facts you need to know

plastic surgeryAny surgery can be considered a somewhat serious undertaking, and the same is true for plastic surgery of any kind. You need to understand what you’re having done, what outcomes are possible and who’s going to be performing your procedure. And those are just a few of the things you should know before you decide to go under the knife. Here are five more important plastic surgery facts you should consider:

1.) Every plastic surgery procedure has some risks

You should know the risks that come along with your chosen procedure and try to minimize them. You can help avoid having surgical and recovery complications by honestly disclosing your health history, medications and surgical history to your surgeon.

2.) Price shouldn’t be your first consideration

Cost is certainly one of the deciding factors in any serious spending decision, including plastic surgery procedures. Price, however, should not be the only reason you select a particular surgeon and procedure. When it comes to your face and body, you should choose quality ahead of saving money.

3.) Final results of most procedures take time to show

Complete healing, including resolution of bruising and swelling, happens over time. Every procedure is different, with some taking less time than others to reveal your outcome, but others can take up to a year to fully heal and show complete results.

4.) Results don’t last forever

Plastic surgery results are considered permanent, but that doesn’t mean they’re forever. Surgery can give you results that improve your appearance and turn back the hands of time, But most patients need to maintain whatever they’ve had done with touch-up and even non-surgical procedures, such as fillers and Botox.

5.) Know who is performing your procedure

Look for a board-certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon with training, experience, and credentials related to the surgery you are having. You need to trust your surgeon, who should understand your concerns and be honest about possible risks and results. Learn more about Dr. Bruck and what plastic surgery can do for you. Call for a consultation appointment today: 212.308.4600 or 516.587.0456.


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