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Put your stomach (back) in its place

You’ve lost the weight, and you’ve been hitting the gym for years. In fact, you’ve also lost count of how many different kinds of sit-ups you include in your workout. Yet, your stomach is still sticking out where it doesn’t belong, and you’re definitely not loving your love handles.

When you feel like you’ve done everything you can do to improve the appearance of your belly, it may be time to turn your problems over to the professionals. Today’s cosmetic treatments allow us to give our patients more options than ever for improving the appearance of their stomachs. Here are some of the ways we can help:

Get the stomach you want
AbdominoplastyWhether you have excess fat, loose skin, stretch marks or all three, Dr. Bruck can offer many options that can make you feel good about your tummy area again.

  • A tummy tuck
    Abdominoplasty can fix the three most common belly problems:removing fat, tightening saggy skin and gaps between your abdominal muscles.
  • Liposuction
    This procedure can offer noticeable results, especially if you’re close to your ideal weight and have good skin tone with only some excess abdominal fat. It can be a great option for reducing love handles and a puffy stomach.
  • Stretch mark fading
    Fractional-laser treatments (such as Fraxel and Fractional CO2) can stimulate collagen and elastin growth to help fill in stretch marks (which can minimize their appearance).
  • New procedures
    “Vanquish” uses an applicator that hovers over your skin, delivering radio-frequency energy that heats fat cells and kills them. The procedure is painless and can destroy about 60 percent of fat cells with four treatments.
  • “Ultherapy” is an ultrasound procedure that stimulates collagen and elastin growth, which can result in firmer skin. It’s the only non-invasive procedure approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to lift skin under the chin, on the neck, above the eyebrows and on the décolletage. Only one 30-90 minute treatment is required, and there’s no downtime.

Start with a consultation
We can discuss your concerns and put together a plan designed specifically for your stubborn stomach issues. Call for an appointment today: 212.308.4600 or 516.587.0456.

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