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There are ways to improve the appearance of your hands, totally within your reach

hand rejuvenationAt Michael Bruck Plastic Surgery, we are always happy to recommend ways to take care of your appearance with healthy lifestyles and preventive measures. But sometimes, we all need more than healthy eating, exercise and topical creams can provide.

It might be time for professional anti-aging skin care, and Dr. Bruck can talk to you about how he can help improve your appearance. Let’s start with your hands. Some really exciting advances have been made when it comes to treating those not-so-handy signs of aging.

Here’s a brief look at just some of the procedures that can lend a helping hand:

  1. Spot Removal
    Brown spots on your hands are a sign of sun damage and aging. They can start showing up as early as your late 20s if you don’t use sunscreen, and can increase with age. Dr. Bruck uses photorejuvenation and chemical peels to help rid your hands of the spots that form from unwanted excess pigment. And the effects can last a lifetime if you are committed to always using sunscreen.
  2. Laser Skin Resurfacing 
    Fractional laser skin resurfacing creates tiny pinholes in your skin that encourage your body to start producing collagen and elastin. There’s no down time and within weeks you could achieve some of the firmer, tighter look of more youthful skin. Laser treatments also help re-texture your skin, which can cause your hands to look refreshed almost immediately.
  3. Injectable Fillers 
    As we age, we often gain fat where we don’t want it, and lose it where we do – like on the back of our hands where thinner skin makes it especially noticeable. One of our favorite hand care treatments, then, is using some of the same injectable fillers we use for the face on the hands. Dr. Buchanan can add volume by filling the space left from fat loss. The thicker fillers especially allow him to literally put back some of the cushion, or fat, that you’ve lost over time.

If you’re hands are ready to make a new impression, call our office today:
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