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What to do when exercise and diet don’t work

BrachioplastyAll the push-ups in the world may not help. Lifting weights probably won’t make much of a difference, either. And eating healthy and dropping a lot of pounds could make it worse! What part of our body could possibly be so immune to diet and exercise? Wave “hello” to your arms – and are they flapping in the wind? If your arms aren’t accurately reflecting your efforts (or the way you wish to look when you wave), it might be time to take a more serious approach.

Why do our arms have to look like that?
Unfortunately, as we age our upper arms can become saggy, despite our efforts to keep them tight. You may have heard of the problem, sometimes called bat wings, or seen it for yourself, every time you wave to the neighbors. It comes from the loss of skin elasticity in the upper arm, and it’s hard to avoid as we get older. The saggy skin effect can also be caused by extreme weight loss – not much of a reward for your healthy efforts!

Here’s what does work
There is a body contouring procedure that could make you proud to wave your arms, sleeveless. It’s called brachioplasty, or an arm lift, and it involves actually trimming away hanging skin and removing fat deposits that don’t respond to exercise, even if you build up your biceps and triceps. The surgery also pulls your skin tighter, so you can notice the contours of your arms instead of seeing wings.

Adults of all ages have arm lift surgery
Our male and female brachioplasty patients report that they love the look of their newly contoured arms. In addition, they say that their tighter upper arms, minus saggy skin, seem to improve their overall appearance.

Could an arm lift be right for you?
If you’ve already tried working out with weights and eating a healthier diet, or if you’ve lost an extreme amount of weight, you may feel particularly frustrated by the look of your arms So schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Bruck today by calling: 212.308.4600 or 516.587.0456. Waving can look good again.

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