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What’s your fat good for? Plenty

Fat TransferFat can start depositing itself in unwanted areas of our bodies at various times in life for various reasons. It can show up as we age, or during pregnancy or when our weight fluctuates — or for no apparent reason at all. We might be eating healthy and exercising regularly, and yet, there it still is, taunting our efforts.

Seems like fat just doesn’t know its place, showing up only in the areas where we wish it wouldn’t. But there is a method for wrangling unwanted fat and putting it where it’s actually needed. (And there are some places it’s needed, no kidding!)

Transfering your fat from one place to another

Dr. Bruck can extract fat cells from your abdomen, inner thighs or other areas via liposuction, and then, via injections, transfer it: 

To your face

Instead of the commonly known injectable fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane, you can have your unwanted belly or thigh fat transferred to your unwanted laugh lines. We can smooth wrinkles around your eyes and in your forehead. We can use your fat to plump up your lips at the same time we add definition to your cheeks and chin. In fact, almost the entire face can benefit when we use your fat to actually improve your appearance.

To your hands

We also use cosmetic injectable fillers to plump up the surface or your hands, making them appear fresh and more youthful. But many patients achieve longer lasting results when their own fat cells are injected into the hands. Feeling a little better about your fat yet?

Another reason why fat is so great

Moving your own fat from one location on your body to another is considered a safe, effective procedure, designed to re-contour and refresh the areas where it is injected. And since fat transfer uses your own fat cells, you can never have an allergic reaction to this filler. Plus, both components of the procedure can be performed in our office.
What can your fat do for you? Call for a consultation today and find out:

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