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When should you have fillers? You’ll know

If you’ve just entered your 20s, you may think you would never do anything cosmetic to your face, even Botox or fillers. Maybe it’s a philosophical stance, based on wanting to “age gracefully” or believing that youth is overvalued these days. You might feel like your skin has only improved since your teenage acne years, and with a little moisturizer occasionally, you’ll do just fine.

Then one day, something hits you

dermal fillersSometime around 26-27, almost everyone has a few obvious wrinkles. We’re all born with certain genetic strengths and weaknesses that are likely to affect our health and our appearance – and that includes our skin. Some of the lucky ones may have darker pigment and thicker skin that doesn’t crinkle as fast; some smart ones may have gotten an early start on avoiding the sun and using sunscreens. However, the late 20s are the time that many of us start to notice something happening to our faces that we don’t like.

Don’t get mad, get even

When the day comes that your nasolabial folds, for example (those lines from your nose to around your mouth), have really started to bother you, there’s something you can do. More young people than ever are getting Botox and fillers when they first notice deeper lines and wrinkles, and studies may support the timing when it comes to long-term skin care.

Preventing wrinkles by treating them early

Fillers are designed to restore volume back to the face in areas where it has been lost, either from aging or weight loss. They can improve the appearance of cheeks and lips, for example.

Fillers can also be used to fill the lines that become etched in the skin over time — from normal facial movements such as squinting and smiling. Those are the lines that many experts are beginning to think can be best managed by keeping them from forming in the first place. This can be achieved with strategic, early use of Botox and fillers.

A personal decision

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