Patient safety and welfare are the highest priority for surgical patients. A successful cosmetic procedure is dependent upon a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon and an anesthesiologist skilled and experienced in performing anesthesia for outpatient cosmetic procedures. Communication between the surgeon and anesthesiologist is paramount. The anesthesiologist should have a clear understanding of the surgical procedure, and the surgeon should understand the benefits and risks of the spectrum of anesthesia techniques. Together anesthesiologist and surgeon can decide on what type of anesthesia will optimize patient safety and comfort throughout the procedure and during postoperative recovery. Modern anesthesia techniques combined with preoperative screening and limiting office based outpatient procedures to healthy individuals has made it possible to perform these procedures with the highest level of safety. Many plastic surgeons choose to work with a select number of anesthesiologists with whom they have developed a relationship of trust, confidence, and comfort.

Dr. Bruck works with Kevin Glassman MD and Noam Kurtis MD and select members of their respective anesthesiology groups, all of whom are board certified anesthesiologists. Patient safety, professionalism, providing high-quality office based anesthesia and imparting to patients that they are in caring competent hands are the hallmark of many years of experience.   The anesthesiologists speak with our patients prior to the day of their procedure and help to answer questions or concerns that they may have about anesthesia.

Kevin Glassman, MD

Kevin Glassman

Dr. Glassman is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist and a member of The American Society of Anesthesiologists and the New York State Society of Anesthesiology.  He  completed his training in Anesthesiology at Kings County Hospital, a major trauma center in New York where he remained on staff as an attending physician and later served as Chief of Obstetrical Anesthesia division of Kings County Hospital. He subsequently joined the anesthesia staff of Long Island Jewish Medical center where he remained for several years. Prior to founding General Anesthesia Services LLP in 2003 he became chief of anesthesiology and Medical Director of Prohealth Ambulatory Surgery Center in Lake Success, N.Y. Having years of experience in both hospital based anesthesia and outpatient surgery anesthesia Dr. Glassman founded General Aesthesia Services LLP in 2003 and has remained the managing partner to date.