Breast Augmentation- Fat Transfer

There are patients who have a strong desire to enlarge their breasts but do not want to use a breast implant. Now, women who seek a modest augmentation can do so using their body fat. Fat is harvested, usually from the abdomen and/or flanks using a modified liposuction technique and after processing, the fat is transferred to the breasts.

Depending on the desired breast size, this process may be repeated after several months resulting in enhanced breasts that feel and look very natural.

What percent of the grafted fat remains permanent?

There are many variables that effect the percentage of fat that remains permanent.  There is no universally agreed upon technique for harvesting, processing and injecting/grafting the fat.  As a result, there is a variation in the percentage of fat that remains as viable tissue.  Patient factors such as age, BMI (body mass index), history of smoking and other underlying health problems may affect the percentage of fat survival.  During your consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, you may discuss the range of outcomes from fat grafting.

How much downtime is there, after fat grafting to the breast?

Most patients feel quite comfortable by the fourth day after surgery and can return to nonphysically demanding work within a week.

Can fat grafting be used in conjunction with breast implant augmentation?

Fat grafting can be a powerful tool to complement breast implant augmentation. Examples would be right/left breast asymmetry that cannot be addressed by using different implant sizes. For women who have a wide space between their breasts fat grafting can narrow this space. Fat grafting, in combination with breast augmentation with implants, can result in very attractive cleavage where there was none before. Minor imperfections can often be camouflaged with fat grafting.

If I have fat grafting to increase my breast size what happens if I gain or loose weight?

Weight gain or loss usually results in enlargement or reduction in the size of existing fat cells. The fat transferred to your breast will, in all likelihood, respond to weight fluctuations as it did before transfer.

Can fat grafting be used to for reconstructive breast surgery after mastectomy?

Fat grafting can be used in reconstructive breast surgery after mastectomy. The reconstructive procedure may require several steps. The first step requires using the Brava Bra before initial fat grafting. Two to three grafting sessions would follow, and additional procedures may be necessary to create a natural breast fold as well as to modify the appearance of the non-reconstructed breast.

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