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Dr Bruck is the best plastic surgeon.  He made me and my sister sooooo gorgeous.  He is so great with fillers and botox!  He is caring and honest, and a total perfectionist—which I love! My mom is going next.
– J.S.

Dr Bruck is amazing. He is talented and trustworthy. He is not pushy and will not suggest things that are not necessary. Have had filler and botox and I am pleased with the results
– K.S.

“I was satisfied with my appearance, generally speaking, but decided to look into options for refinement, and I’m grateful to have found Dr. Bruck.   After body contouring and facelift, I look at least 10 years younger, but more importantly, I feel great!   With Dr Bruck’s help, I look as beautiful as I feel!”
-Female, 51, Body Contouring and Facelift, RS

“I love my body after liposuction.  I was actually awake for part of my procedure, it changed how I feel about my body.  And Dr bruck did an outstanding job!   And he liposuctioned my chin, which I was hesitant about, I’m so glad I followed his advice.  He is a skilled and honest plastic surgeon”.
-Male, 40, Liposuction, TS

“Dr Bruck helped me tweak the last 10 pounds on my body!  I was awake, standing, while he shaped my thighs!  I finally have the body I’ve always wanted.”
-Female, 52, Liposuction, DS